There’s nothing like unique shared experiences to deepen the romance in your life and create memories that will last forever.

When you’re planning a romantic getaway or just a weekend break with your beloved, choose a place that offers a huge range of perfect, once-in-a-lifetime experiences set in some of the world’s most stunning landscapes – New Zealand.

Our breath-taking vistas provide a majestic setting that will inspire you to write the next chapter of your own unique love story while rediscovering the romance of just being together.

Or you can feel your hearts soar on a scenic flight or a champagne hot-air balloon ride over the Canterbury Plains. Fly to your own secluded Garden of Eden for a ‘Heli-picnic’ or skydive over pristine national parks – and fall for each other all over again.

You can slow the pace down with a dreamy dawn horse ride along a silent beach or through the foothills of the Southern Alps, try a relaxing vineyard tour by bicycle, or spend an evening stargazing with a glass of wine.

Stay in romantic hotels and boutique lodges where you can share indulgent spa treatments, exceptional food and wine, and perhaps renew your vows in a picturesque garden setting.

Whatever stage you’re at in your relationship, choosing a New Zealand escape tailored for just the two of you says ‘romance’ in any language. Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway or a longer celebration of your relationship, New Zealand is the perfect place to say ‘I love you’.

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