Anglers from all over the world look to New Zealand as the mecca of angling - the world's best wild trout fishery. Fly fishing in New Zealand is fantastic every month of the year, not to mention its spectacular scenery too.

The North Island and South Island are known for excellent stream fishing and opportunities to catch both brown and rainbow trout. In particular, there are certain parts of the North Island that offer anglers the chance of a lifetime to fish in water holding the purest strain of brown trout in the world. 

The quality and diversity of New Zealand’s fresh water species is perfect for the fly fishing purist. The average size of the trout is 3 to 4 pounds, exceeding most anglers' wildest imaginations. The reputation of New Zealand streams draws anglers from far and wide in search of a trophy fish, and each year trout in excess of ten pounds are landed.

Besides New Zealand's famous 'gin clear' streams and spring creeks, there are hundreds of fishable lakes throughout the country and the best areas are Rotorua, Central Plateau, Nelson, Canterbury, West Coast and the Lower South Island. Lakes throughout New Zealand are well worth a visit. Come for the trophies and linger for a while to experience gorgeous lodges, exquisite local food and wine, diverse landscapes and various activities.

How to get a fishing licence

You'll need a licence to go angling in New Zealand. There are two types of fishing licences - 24-hour licences and season licences. If you're an overseas visitor planning to fish for for longer than a day or so, the non-resident season licence is your best bet. Buy your licence online or, once in New Zealand, visit a local hunting or fishing store that sells licences. 

The Taupo District requires a separate licence to fish; Fish & Game licences cannot be used here. Use the DOC site to find an agent or to buy your Taupo licence online.

Recommended Experiences

  1. Fly-fishing in the North Island Itinerary

    • All year round fishing
    • Famous Tongariro River
    • Big rainbow trout


    • 7 DAYS
    • 690 km
    See more


    • tnz-car - ◆广东快乐十分玩法◆

      Starting in Auckland

    • to Taupo and Rotorua

    • Total travel time: 8 h 40 min

  2. Fly-fishing around Nelson Itinerary

    • Large brown trout
    • Exquisite food & wine
    • Abel Tasman National Park


    • 6 DAYS
    • 235 km
    See more


    • tnz-car - ◆广东快乐十分玩法◆

      Starting from Nelson

    • to Motueka and St Arnaud

    • Total travel time: 3 h 20 min

  3. Fly-fishing in the South Island Itinerary

    • Famous Mataura River
    • World heritage site
    • Glacial valley rivers


    • 7 DAYS
    • 608 km
    See more


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